The Sodbusters   .....Always breaking new ground
The Sodbusters are a unique acoustic blend of
Americana musical genres ranging from crooning country
to twangin' rock & roll; swingin' jazz to rootsy folk;
singer/songwriter originals to traditional standards.  They
approach their music with an exuberant energy, a
spontaneous attitude, and a novel freshness.

Hailing from Southeastern Ohio,  fronted by
multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Dan Daly, backed up by
guitar phenomenon Eric Daly, and upright bassist
Tami Daly, their music invokes their rural
surroundings, traditions, folklore, and convictions.

Their resume' includes regular appearances at the
Backwoods Festival (Thornville, OH), the International
Sunflower Festival (Frankfort, OH), the International
Washboard Festival (Logan, OH), Lilly Fest (Rockbridge,
OH), Mothman Festival (Point Pleasant,WV), Hippie Fest
(Logan, OH & MI) as well as itineraries at regional state
parks, libraries, art galleries, civic venues, clubs,
and also featured on PBS documentary series "American

Available as a varied ensemble to fit any situation or
budget, (inquire as to duo, trio, quartet, or quintet
pricing), they are always sure to set toes tappin', move
hands clappin', and make smiles happen!

Contact Dan Daly at
740-596-3259   or   
click here!
For upcoming events visit our Facebook page.